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Free Ad Pack and Free Ads



The Signup Bonus Free Ad Pack

Your Free Ad Pack was automatically added to your account when you joined for free. There is no Promo Code for the Signup Bonus. Just click on Advertising on the Menu in the Members Area and submit your ads for approval.

Free or Bonus Ads and Promo Codes
Login regularly into your Members Area and read your Admin Emails for Bonus Promo Codes and extra Free Ads and Credits. Admin may from time to time ad new Promo Codes, Specials or ways for you to claim Free Ads. Some Specials and Promo Codes may expire without any notice given.  Note that Admin can not help you if the Promo or Promo Code has expired.  If for any reason you can not claim and want to check with Admin if the Promo Code is valid, you are welcome to submit a Support Ticket at this Help Desk and we will reply to you soonest.

Member Active Rewards
Did you know that Text Ads ZA is rewarding members for clicking and surfing ads on our site?  Check out the Member Active Rewards section on the Menu in the Members Area. You can get Free Ads, Free Credits and Even Free Cash to your account simply by clicking and view ads like Solo Ads, Banners, Text Links and Surfing the Surf Exchange!

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