Why Text Ads ZA? 

Text Ads ZA is a marketing tool to promote and drive traffic to your website in multiple ways and get it seen to members globally since July 2017. See below on what advertising methods we have and what is the benefits of joining.


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Advertising Methods and Benefits for Joining:

Post your ads in the 8 Seconds Surf Exchange, members will see it when they are surfing. 

Submit Solo Ads to all members of this site - We have Perpetual Solo Ads for sale so you can buy one Solo Ad and have one available every day without buying a Solo Ad again! 

Submit 468x60 or 125x125 Banner Ads here or just a URL and a short description with Text Link Ads!

We have 3 mailers to use for free!

- Email all your referrals using the Referral Mailer.

- Email everyone that have joined after you using the List Mailer.

- Use your Credits in the Credit Mailer. Your message will be sent to 1 member for every credit used

Submit your URLs using the Viral Link Cloaker and Viral Rotator.

Steel the Spot Members Showcase - Surf 10 pages to get your site added and displayed in the Members Area where everyone that logs in will see it.

Earn Credits When Promoting Your Referral Link. Free Members will earn 0.1 Credits for each unique affiliate link view. JV Members earns 0.2 Credits for each unique affiliate link view and Super JV Members earns 0.5 Credits for each unique affiliate link view.

Option to get the Promo Page - Promoting multiples of your programmes with one link.  

Active Member Rewards for clicking and viewing Ads - Rewards you with free advertising.


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